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White Sox acquire Peavy (update)

White Sox acquire Peavy (update)

It's a done deal. The final tally: Jake Peavy for Aaron Poreda, Clayton Richard, Dexter Carter and Adam Russell. Kenny Williams is the master of "Shoc [...]

On Dirty 30 Day, No. 31 cleans up

Gov. Pat Quinn said Thursday was "Mark Buehrle Day," but it looked more like "Nick Swisher Day" from here. In his own way, Ozzie Guillen paid tribute [...]

Sox Machine is back, and pardon my dust

(Update to the update: Registration is fixed.) Tell your sons, tell your daughters, tell your friends, tell your neighbors -- I've relaunched Sox Mach [...]

Can't anybody here play this game?

White Sox fans expect the Metrodome to be a place where excitement up and dies.  They didn't expect a ritual killing. Hell, Mark Buehrle slaughtered a [...]

Lazy Monday

Channeling Ed Farmer, I'll say this: It was nice to see the Sox show some signs of life in the Metrodome. Sure, those signs included Jermaine Dye rest [...]

Richard might relieve, but probably not for long

If Clayton Richard were at all bothered by his apparently imminent demotion to the bullpen during his terrific start against Detroit, he didn't show i [...]

Beyond Buehrle: A perfect day for imperfect players

By throwing a perfect game to go along with his no-hitter, Mark Buehrle joined three Hall of Famers and a virtual Cooperstown lock as the only pitcher [...]

Torres, Sox survive

The White Sox brought Dewon Day's No. 60 out of retirement for Carlos Torres, and the rookie didn't spoil the memory. [...]

Review: White Sox Memories: The Greatest Moments in White Sox History

When watching a DVD called White Sox Memories: The Greatest Moments in White Sox History, maybe disappointment is inevitable.  "Greatest" is right the [...]

Bear with me

The server change is still proceeding slowly.  Brutally so.  Can you tell I've never done this before? But there's another reason for the delay -- the [...]
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