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Designated hitter: Lance Broadway?

A trade once considered unremarkable, the Lance Broadway-Ramon Castro deal now has a pretty ... um, unique ... footnote: It may be the first trade in [...]

Two thoughts about Thome the Twin

No. 1: Here's a list of various contracts the Sox have eaten, at least in part the past five years. 2005: Ben Davis, $1M (all) 2006: Chris Widger $ [...]

When is flexibility constraining? When you're Ozzie Guillen

The first rule of talking about Ozzie Guillen's decision to pass on Jim Thome is, "Don't talk about Jim Thome." There are reasons on passing on the Ge [...]

SoxFest: Democracy? Inaction?

Supposedly, we should know by today or Tuesday whether Jim Thome will return to the White Sox in 2010.  And I guess we should be thankful that it's st [...]

SoxFest open thread

SoxFest is upon us, which means it's our last chance to fill up on unnecessary drama before everybody shows up to spring training in the best shape of [...]

The Wall of Shape

Q: How many White Sox players will show up to spring training in the best shape of their lives? A: Everybody. Even Bobby Jenks. Seriously, I'm going t [...]

Hope springs early

It feels like spring training with all the feel-good stories popping up.  On Wednesday, we had Alex Rios and his "five swings," Scott Linebrink learni [...]
Danks, Sox bridge gap

Danks, Sox bridge gap

John Danks became the last arbitration-eligible player to sign a 2010 contract, agreeing to a one-year deal worth $3.45 million. My first reaction wa [...]

Pena on board; Danks remains

Add Tony Pena's salary to the books.  He and the Sox agreed to a $1.2 million contract, meaning every arbitration-eligible player is set for 2010 with [...]
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