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Who's the boss?

Jake Peavy picked up his fourth win of the season against the Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday, but it didn't come easy. He allowed 10 hits over 5 1/3 inning [...]

Minor league roundup

I took my first full day off from the White Sox on Saturday, opting for the beach instead.  So if anybody wants to write a recap of John Danks' first [...]

Mr. Jones and mean

Remember when we were discussing whether 2010 Andruw Jones was any different than his 2009 self? Right now, the answer has to be "no."  In fact, they' [...]

West adds name to Guillen's grudge list

Ozzie Guillen will probably be a little shorter on cash before the end of the month.  Mark Buehrle might, too. But it's hard to argue against them. Gu [...]

Peavy lays it down, then lies down

I think this sums up Jake Peavy's start better than I could.  The board is the Indians.  Let's hope the second board isn't the Rays, because I'll be a [...]

When Sox have a lead, Ozzie has options

John Danks wasn't his sharpest on Monday, and it was nice to say it didn't matter thanks to some fine bullpen work. Sergio Santos, Matt Thornton, J.J. [...]

Guillen should focus on lack of self-respect

On Thursday, a solo homer by Laynce Nix, brother of Jayson, gave the Cincinnati Reds a 9-1 lead over the Atlanta Braves in the fifth inning. The Brave [...]

For once, baserunning is no issue

In celebration of a rare two-game winning streak, I'd like to say two nice things about two much-maligned members of the White Sox organization. First [...]

Friday's minor league roundup

As Larry recaps the week behind... Buffalo 7, Charlotte 1 Facing a lefty, Jordan Danks struck out four times over four ABs. Tyler Flowers went 0- [...]
Jones, Konerko wait themselves out

Jones, Konerko wait themselves out

When my dad and I commiserate about the White Sox, one subject that often comes up is the so-called catbird seat. In an attempt to round down numerous [...]
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