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Reading Room: Ozzie blogs, Plan No. 8

Ozzie Guillen's plans for a $64,000 website might have been shot down, but he's got the next best thing: An MLBlog! [...]

Rumored Ozzie-for-Stanton deal too hard to believe

If the White Sox could have acquired a 20-year-old phenom for their manager, then why isn't he here yet? [...]

Buehrle talks future; so does Plan No. 6

Sox stalwart says he doesn't want to discuss an extension after the season starts, and if I'm Kenny Williams, I would take my time. [...]

Arizona Fall League notes and Plan No. 5

Knox presents his offseason plan, and we get a couple of reports on Jared Mitchell and Eduardo Escobar. [...]

Castro, Thornton on the pickup truck; Plan No. 4

Kenny Williams made his first official moves, and one now-former White Sox pitcher is making a big one himself. None of them will affect our offseason [...]

Grace period doesn't apply to 2005 White Sox

It's been five years since the White Sox won the World Series, and that's both too long ago and perfectly timeless. [...]

A/V Room: Addison Sox and Plan No. 3

Exploring the possibility of Western Suburbs White Sox and a 2011 roster that includes Manny Ramirez [...]

Mets pass on Hahn; offseason plan No. 2

Kenny Williams' right-hand man isn't going to New York, and everybody should be happy about that -- including Hahn himself. [...]

Breaking the ice on 2011 offseason plans

The first of your hot stove strategies involves dancing with the ones Kenny Williams brought, and a healthy amount of pessimism. [...]
Your 2011 White Sox offseason plan

Your 2011 White Sox offseason plan

Think you can be a general manager? Concoct your hot stove strategy and show how good of a first-guesser you are! (Warning: Kenny Williams may ignore [...]
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