Sox Machine: Feb. 1, 2006 – Jan. 19, 2011

Sox Machine: Feb. 1, 2006 – Jan. 19, 2011

I'm closing up shop after a fantastic half decade of White Sox blogging, made all the more enjoyable by you. [...]

Reading Room: Should Sale start?

Don Cooper wants the Sox to pick one role for Chris Sale, and more and more evidence suggests starting is the better course. [...]

Soriano deal proves why White Sox, Boras don't mix

Yankees give $35 million to Tampa Bay's former closer to be Mariano's setup man, and Soriano gives the Yankees nothing. [...]

Castro led banner year for backup catchers

While A.J. Pierzynski struggled through a down season, the catchers behind him combined to shatter White Sox standards [...]

Out with the old, down with the new

Harold Baines drops off the Hall of Fame ballot, and another list isn't much kinder to White Sox prospects. [...]

Reading Room: The midwinter rumor mill

Taking a break from White Sox Outsider 2011 to catch up on reading, from Bill James to Mark Teahen to the 1960 World Series. [...]

Thornton wants secrets to be kept secrets

A player finally speaks up against OneyLeaks, and speaks hard. [...]
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