Introducing the Sox Machine Podcast

Introducing the Sox Machine Podcast

Barring an incredibly newsworthy development, the first episode of the Sox Machine Podcast won’t arrive until after SoxFest at the end of the month.

Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to refresh the feed before hand to clean the lines. The new podcasts should theoretically show up in the feeds to which one already subscribes. Those feeds include:

The introductory Sox Machine Podcast is below. Please report any RSS issues before things start getting real.

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Longtime lurker on both sites.
Welcome back – you’ve made following the Sox all the way from Tel-Aviv much more enjoyable. Keep up the great work!

Trooper Galactus

Making us wait? Kinda early to be playing hard to get, ain’t it guys? Looking forward to hearing the new format (will feel weird without the stomp-clap stomp-clap at the beginning) and the news from SoxFest since I won’t be able to make it this year.


I have been thoroughly introduced. So weird to be back, but in a good way. Like using peanut butter to glue your hands together and then licking them clean.

Lurker Laura

I look forward to all of the curling talk on the new podcast.


Long time reader and listener. Congrats on the new (old) site. Will be listening.


Will we ever get the back story on how/why you left SSS with every talented person in a Mad Men / Stirling Cooper Draper Pryce style heist?


I, too, am tremendously interested in the tell-all true story of the Margalus Saga.


Happy to switch my podcast app over to Sox Machine now.  I wasn’t a big comment guy back at SSS but I’ll try to contribute more here.  Keep up the great work, guys!


Is it possible to live podcast SoxFest?  Are you going to get audio from SoxFest?  I am excited to be taking my son there this year on Saturday.  I’ve never been but I got my tickets on Monday.