In Which GrinnellSteve Comes to Chicago for a Concert

Knowing there are a number of music fans and musicians here, I want to mention I’m coming to Chicago this weekend to see my son in concert Sunday at Reggie’s.

Will Bennett (my son) & the Tells will be playing with Blind Adam & the Federal League plus Baby Money & the Down Payments. You can read more about all three bands by going here and scrolling down to the 22nd:

I’ll be the old guy wearing a players weekend Yoyo shirt. If you wander in, stop by and introduce yourself. I’ve never made it to a fan meetup, so I’ve never had the chance to meet any of you.

This concert starts a small Midwestern tour. They’re going to Indy, Cincy, Columbus, and Grand Rapids. We’re going to drive on to Cincy and see a game at the Great American Ballpark and then catch their gig on Wednesday night.

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Cool that you get to see your son and his mates living the dream. 

I would have joined you but my son and I are still tuckered out from our Santa’s Village trip, and I doubt your son’s band knows the Wiggleworms repertoire.