Author: Trooper Galactus

Trooper GalactusJust another South Side Sox refugee; have followed the team pretty closely since 2000. Otherwise, avid video game collector and part-time warming cushion for my calico feline.

Trooper Galactus’s Offseason Plan

Trooper Galactus’s Offseason Plan

PREAMBLE Let's face it; 2019 is going to be another bad year.  However, that does not mean the White Sox should be idle this offseason.  Far from i [...]

Prospect Predictions 2018

Now that prospect rankings are starting to come out, I wanted to see how other fans felt about the players in our system, who they're high on, who the [...]

Are the Pirates Still Trying to Win?

After trading away two of their most prominent players, I keep seeing assertions that the Pirates are going into a rebuild like the White Sox did only [...]
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